Stage 3 BMW 3 Series E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 335i, 306hp, N54, Bundle

Stage 3 BMW 3 Series E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 335i, 306hp, N54, Bundle
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  • DS-KMYGENIUS-Set-0004-335N54-S3
Scope of delivery of the package: MyGenius programming console USB connection cable... more
Product information "Stage 3 BMW 3 Series E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 335i, 306hp, N54, Bundle"

Scope of delivery of the package:

  • MyGenius programming console
  • USB connection cable
  • USB data carrier with MyGenius client software
  • DimSport standard programming cable OBD2
  • BMC sports air filter FB494 / 20
  • Wagner Downpipe 500001002
  • Wagner Charging Air Filter EVO 2 Competition 200001044
  • Charge Pipe N54 SG-71312FG-N54
  • l Thermostat SG-84006
  • PCV valve N54 SG-84036
  • ChipTuning BMW 3 Series E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 335i, 306hp, level 3

Software optimization level 3:

430 hp, 650 Nm, vmax open

Further information on tuning is available here

The MyGenius is a customer flasher that enables you as a customer to program your vehicle independently via the diagnostic connector (OBD socket).
All you have to do is install the software you have sent on your computer / notebook. Then connect the console to the OBD socket of your vehicle using the programming cable. You will be guided through the menu in simple steps to read out the engine software, send it to our programmer by e-mail and then re-tune the resulting tuning. And that as often as you like.


  • High-quality, mobile flash tool
  • Preservation of the security features of the series software
  • Quick tuning without mechanical intervention, via the diagnostic connector (OBD) of the vehicle
  • Intuitive menu guidance and simple operation

Wagner Downpipe 500001002

The WAGNERTUNING Bifurcation Kit BMW E8x E9x N54 Engine fits the following cars:

BMW 135i E82 / E88
BMW 1 Series M E82
BMW 335 (x) i E90 / E91 / E92 / E93
BMW 335is E92 2009-2013

? Diameter of 70mm
? completely high quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304)
? without Vorkat
? 2 lambda probe connections per side
? with flexible compensation
? 100% perfect fit, easy to exchange for serial part
? less thermal load on the turbocharger
? More power through reduced dynamic pressure
? much more torque

The software data status should be adjusted to avoid the issue of error codes in the DME.
Not admitted in the area of STVO.

Wagner Charging Air Filter EVO 2 Competition 200001044

The Evo II Competition Charging Air Compressor has the following net sizes (520x210x150 / stepped 13.572cm) and thus offers an 85% greater charge and 90% more charge air volume compared to the original charge air cooler. The competition high performance net is a high quality tube fin net with internal turbulators. Despite its size, the total weight of the charge air con- troller is only 7.4kg. The end caps of the charge air cooler are made of cast aluminum and were optimized with the aid of flow analyzes in the CFD system. The original click connections have been eliminated and the connection diameter at the input and output has been extended to 70mm. Therefore, the kit includes 2 reinforced silicone tubes. The EVO2 intercooler kit was developed directly for the high demands of the BMW N54 & N55 engines. The result is excellent cooling properties with minimal back pressure. In addition, all our intercoolers have an anti-corrosion coating with thermal conductivity. This guarantees a permanent and optimal cooling with a significant increase in performance. Complete ready-to-install kit, mounting is done by replacing the OEM charger and is easy to carry out. Up to 6 bar tested and pressure stable. All our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring. Suitable for racing.

In order for our EVO II version to fit into all specified vehicles, minor adjustments need to be made.

On vehicles with M-package, additional adjustments to the underbody cladding are necessary.

Charge Pipe N54 SG-71312FG-N54

This aluminum tube replaces the factory plastic tube. For vehicles with a boost in performance, the increased boost pressure can cause the original pipe to burst. In the worst case, this defect can lead to engine damage due to sucked fragments.

The aluminum charge pipe has an increased diameter (3 "or 76mm) compared to the original, reducing air turbulence and increasing airflow at the same time, resulting in a faster response of the turbocharger and a higher maximum possible Performance The software of the engine control unit does not have to be re-tuned, even with very high charging pressures there is no danger of bursting, and this charge pipe offers a good basis for upgrading a water-methanol injection, a connection for the injector is already available Installation is relatively easy as this batch pipe plug n play is exchanged for the series part.

This pressure tube replaces the original BMW part with the part number: 13717590306

Thread for water-methanol injection: 1/8 "inch, 21/64 fine thread

l Thermostat SG-84006

With this thermostat, the oil temperature can be controlled between 95 and 110 C and reduced by 10 C on average. The thermostat opens at 90 C.

The engine start leads to a strong increase in the pressure. At the maximum point the thermostat opens. The oil is no longer in the lk hler. With the increasing heat of the engine, the pressure is reduced and stabilized. The thermostat closes and the oil enters the timer.

Especially with uprated vehicles, the l can heat up extremely strong. The Upgrade Thermostat is used to prevent such overheating. The installation is uncomplicated and usually takes no longer than 10 minutes. A software adaptation, additional conversions or special tools are not required. A detailed installation instructions are included.

The installation briefly explains:

When replacing the thermostat, two screws are loosened (see picture), the serial part is removed and the upgrade thermostat is inserted. Care should be taken that the thermostat, as shown in the instructions, is inserted with the pin inwards and the spring outwards.

  • effective lowering of oil temperature
  • simple and very fast installation
  • suitable for performance-enhanced vehicles

PCV valve N54 SG-84036

A serious weakness of the N54 engine is the original PCV valve. Due to the loose fit, it can not withstand high pressures. By wearing the valve, the boost pressure can escape into the Kurbelwellengeh housing. The original PCV valve may also crack and crack as you age. This CNC milled, custom-fit replacement valve eliminates the known problem.

The upgrade valve is particularly suitable for use in performance-enhanced vehicles.

This set consists of the PCV valve including cap.

For additional information about this product please contact us!

Please note: Connecting the MyGenius to the diagnostic port will result in the initialization of the console to the chassis number of your vehicle. A return is then no longer possible!

Important notice: This is an automatic translation. Please note that only the original german description is valid for a legally purchase agreement.
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