Stage 2 Audi S3 III 2.0 FSI 8V, 300hp, MQB, Bundle

Stage 2 Audi S3 III 2.0 FSI 8V, 300hp, MQB, Bundle
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  • DS-KMYGENIUS-Set-0010-S38V300-S2-S
This Stage 2 Bundle is only for vehicles with manual transmission! Scope of delivery of... more
Product information "Stage 2 Audi S3 III 2.0 FSI 8V, 300hp, MQB, Bundle"

This Stage 2 Bundle is only for vehicles with manual transmission!

Scope of delivery of the package:

  • MyGenius programming console
  • USB connection cable
  • USB data carrier with MyGenius client software
  • DimSport standard programming cable OBD2
  • Intake INJEN Evolution EVO300E
  • HJS Downpipe 90951135
  • Wagner Competition Charging Airkit Kit 200001048
  • ChipTuning Audi S3 III 2.0 FSI 8V, 300PS, MQB, Stage 2

Software optimization level 2:

380 hp, 500 NM, vMax open

Further information on tuning is available here

The MyGenius is a customer flasher that enables you as a customer to program your vehicle independently via the diagnostic connector (OBD socket).
All you have to do is install the software you have sent on your computer / notebook. Then connect the console to the OBD socket of your vehicle using the programming cable. You will be guided through the menu in simple steps to read out the engine software, send it to our programmer by e-mail and then re-tune the resulting tuning. And that as often as you like.


  • High-quality, mobile flash tool
  • Preservation of the security features of the series software
  • Quick tuning without mechanical intervention, via the diagnostic connector (OBD) of the vehicle
  • Intuitive menu guidance and simple operation

Intake INJEN Evolution, with TV

This INJEN Technology suction system is made of high density, rotationally compressed, high density polyethylene. The intake box provides enough space for the largest possible filter element. The Super Nano filter used has a microfibre surface structure for increased air permeability. The EVO intake comes with first-class quality stainless steel clamps and PU couplings.

The intake manifold in conjunction with the EVO Airbox ensure that the air is always cool, allowing the engine to perform optimally. The improved throttle response, faster acceleration and increased tractive power become clearly noticeable. The louder Ansaugger usch looks sportier.

In addition, this air box has a small indicator in the housing, which serves as an indicator for the upcoming cleaning of the air filter.


  • First-class quality and OEM look
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • The built-in display alerts you if your filter requires service
  • Clutches and hoses with stainless steel hardware
  • incl. parts report after 19.3 for acceptance at the TV-pr fstelle (usage area see last picture)


  • mounting material
  • installation instructions
  • Teilegutachten

HJS Downpipe VAG 4WD 1.8-2.0 TSI, 76 mm, ECE approved

90 95 1135 Front tube 76 mm CJXB / CJXC / CJXF / CJSB
Euro 6


  • just like original part (also to the original exhaust system)
  • ECE approval (registration free)
  • Two 200 CPSI Tuning Catalysts from HJS
  • Exhaust-proof high-performance Flexst ck
  • Ideally suited for chip tuning as a basis for earlier performance levels
  • Made in Germany
  • Motorsport tested
  • Maximum durability
  • 30 years of know-how
  • HJS nameplate with ECE approval no.

Technology check:

  • low exhaust back pressure
  • fast discharge of the exhaust gases
  • lower exhaust gas temperature; protects the engine, loader and crane
  • streamlined optimized
  • better response of the turbocharger
  • Power increase up to 12 kW (16 hp)
  • Soundplus up to 2 dB
  • Plug and play
  • EOBD tested


  • 1 downpipe with 200cpsi sports catalyst
  • 1 reduction 76/65 mm
  • 2 screw clamps 78.5mm and 68.5mm

Wagner Competition Charging Airkit Kit VAG 1,8-2,0TSI

The Competition Charger has the following net sizes (640mm x 410mm x 65mm) and thus has 17 liters of charge air volume (OEM 9 liters). The newly developed competition high-performance net (Tube Fin) gives the adjoining components such. The water meter, still sufficient airflow and is also still very light. The charge air cooler has a total weight of only 8.4 kg. The cast aluminum end caps were created in CAD and optimized with the help of CFD simulations for the best possible internal air flow. An air duct integrated in the end box enables a homogeneous filling of the Competition high-performance net. The inlets and outlets of the intercooler have been increased to 70mm, so this kit comes with reinforced silencer hoses. Overall, this charge air cooler has far less back pressure than the standard built-in charge air cooler. In addition, all our intercoolers have an anti-corrosion coating with thermal conductivity. This guarantees a permanent and optimal cooling with a significant increase in performance. Installation is carried out by replacing the OEM charge air sampler and is easy to carry out. All our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring.


1 charge air cooler
2 silicone tubes
2 hose clamps
1 mounting material
1 assembly instructions

For additional information about this product please contact us!

Please note: Connecting the MyGenius to the diagnostic port will result in the initialization of the console to the chassis number of your vehicle. A return is then no longer possible!

Important notice: This is an automatic translation. Please note that only the original german description is valid for a legally purchase agreement.
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