DimSport Rapid Hardwarekit

DimSport Rapid Hardwarekit
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TP-Tronic Rapid Dimsport Plug & Play control units have been developed to optimize the... more
Product information "DimSport Rapid Hardwarekit"

TP-Tronic Rapid
Dimsport Plug & Play control units have been developed to optimize the engine control of turbodiesel and gasoline engines.

Turbodiesel LPI
Various technical platforms have been developed for the LPI add-on modules to optimize the result of engine parameter management: the recalibration and optimization of diesel pressure in the rail. With this module, an adjustment of the engine operation by adjustment of the diesel injection pressure in the rail m is equal. The installation can be done quickly thanks to the uncomplicated wiring.

Turbo gasoline TPM
The approach chosen for the TPM (Turbo Petrol Management) modules makes it possible to customize engine operation by analyzing different signals. The connection is made directly to the sensors with specially developed plug & play cabling.
Dimsport developed a new generation of modules equipped with fast microprocessors to achieve complete control of the affected sensors. These can also control some signals of the CAN bus line of the original control unit of the vehicle.
All Rapid Modules take into account the safety and protective functions of the engine control unit, such as the self-adjustment functions of the vehicle electronics and the monitoring of the protective functions.

setting panel
The Rapid Kits come with default settings. The set values are the result of numerous tests, taking into account the optimum performance and safety. Starting from the basic settings, the adjustment parameters can be used to influence the control parameters in order to obtain the configuration requested by the customer. With simple, intuitive commands it can be tested directly on the road.

Rapid TPM software
Dimsport provides a user-friendly platform for calibrating the Rapid TPM modules for turbo gasoline engines. This allows the setting parameters of the add-on module to be individually configured and adapted to customer requirements. The setting parameters can be displayed graphically. The parameters can be changed in real time via USB interface directly on the road or on the test bench.

software versions
LIGHT: This version can be downloaded as freeware and unlocked with the serial number of a TPM module. With the help of the software, the TPM module can be customized.
ADVANCED: This version requires a HASP dongle. Saving your own configurations and modifying the firmware of a TPM module is now possible.


  • Hard case
  • programming console
  • radio remote control
  • Diagnostic device
  • LPI diesel module
  • TPM petrol module
  • Dimsport clothing piece
  • Display units
  • Rapid information brochure re
  • Rapid information flyer

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