Charger Kit 1.8T A3 Golf 4 Leon

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Delivery: - Intercooler Alu 550x180x65mm - 4 aluminum tubes 51mm incl. Bended... more
Product information "Charger Kit 1.8T A3 Golf 4 Leon"

- Intercooler Alu 550x180x65mm

- 4 aluminum tubes 51mm incl. Bended edges, with ports for pop-off and MAP sensor, the tube after the LLK to the throttle valve has 60mm

- 7 pcs silicone connector

- 10 clamps

- Quicktap 6mm for vacuum connection

- see also photos


- ideal for tuned engines. With original installed parts up to approx. 10% more power. In conjunction with larger components such as injectors, turbocharger, trouser pipe 76mm, etc., sufficient for up to 380PS. Something has to be fumbled away at the door.

suitable for:

- for Audi A3 150 + 180hp

- for VW Golf 4 1.8T 150 + 180hp

only for vehicles where the throttle is on the left side (standing in front of the car)


The charge air kit is placed in the front between   turbocharger   and   Intake manifold   installed. It is suitable for the above vehicles. The goal of a charge air cooler is to cool down the air warmed by the turbocharger. By cooling down the compressed air, more air mass enters the combustion chamber at the same volume, and more fuel can be burnt, thereby increasing performance and efficiency. The lower the charge air is the lower is the thermal load of the engine, the turbocharger because it requires less speed ben same air mass. Also, the fuel consumption is lowered and the engine gets slightly better exhaust emissions, provided the Steuerger t is adapted to it. It is important to make sure that the intercooler gets as much airflow as possible. The LLK Kit offered here is made entirely of aluminum with cast boxes, has 4 attachment points and a bar`n plate net. It is a performance up to 350PS m possible. Ideal for motorsport and tuning. Each intercooler is tested to 5 bars before delivery.

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