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AIRTEC Charger Kit Audi S1, ATINTVAG15 AIRTEC Charger Kit Audi S1, ATINTVAG15
AIRTEC Motorsport offers low-cost yet high-quality solutions for lowering the charge air temperature. The powerful intercoolers have good cooling properties and less backpressure than standard parts. The British development team brings...
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- Wagner Competition Charging Kit Kit Audi S1 - Audi S1 8X
Competition Ladeluftkühler Audi S1 2,0TSI Der Competition Hochleistungsladeluftkühler hat folgende Netzabmaße (620mm x 175mm x 110mm/gestuft = 10.100cm³) und bietet damit eine 44% größere Anströmfläche sowie 68% mehr Ladeluftvolumen...
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