Forge intercooler Audi TTRS 8S from 2017, FMINT11

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  • FM-FMINT11
The Forge intercooler for the TTRS (8S) chassis builds on our highly successful intercooler for... more
Product information "Forge intercooler Audi TTRS 8S from 2017, FMINT11"

The Forge intercooler for the TTRS (8S) chassis builds on our highly successful intercooler for the RS3 8v chassis and provides the conditions that allow for increased performance and temperature in practice.

While the 8V chassis shares many components with the TTRS 8S, the space behind the bumper has a different shape and the crash bar has also changed. This required a completely new charge air cooler and crash bar configuration for this latest chassis.

The TTRS core is a huge 640x250x100 core with bar and plate design. This means 56% more surface area than inventory and an even more impressive volume increase of 94%. The end tanks are equipped with integrated pipes to receive the standard charging hoses. On request you can also replace the hoses with our charging hose set FMKT024. Just like the 8V chassis, we deliver an original Audi TTRS crash bar, which we modify ourselves to accommodate the new larger core. Subsequently, both the crash bar and the core are covered with our standard black powder coating for maximum life.

The performance graph shows that the Forge charge air cooler cools much faster and delivers a much higher temperature drop compared to OEM.

On the stage I tested vehicle (with map and exhaust modifications), it made 470.5 hp at a maximum intake temperature of 76 C. With only this intercooler and without further modifications, the same vehicle made 520.8 hp at a maximum inlet temperature of 34 C, a power increase of 50 hp and a drop of 41 C.

The kit contains everything needed for the installation. The installation takes about 3-4 hours.


  • Generous cooling surface of 640x250x100 mm
  • 56% larger area compared to OEM
  • High quality radiator network
  • Higher power and torque
  • Full engine performance even at high outside temperatures
  • Plug and play
  • Optimal cooling of the intake air


  • Forge intercooler
  • Sturzbügel
  • mounting material

Suitable for Audi TTRS 8S, 2.5L TFSI engine

Not admitted in the area of STVO.

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