Turbocharger V6 24v - T3 + T4 + WG

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Delivery: - R32 V6 24v turbocharger with wastegate connection 35 / 38mm or Audi S2.... more
Product information "Turbocharger V6 24v - T3 + T4 + WG"


- R32 V6 24v turbocharger with wastegate connection 35 / 38mm or Audi S2.

Technical specifications:

- Turbochromatic

- T3 and T4 flange

- Wastegate connection 35 / 38mm or Audi S2

- Wastegate flange can also be made to, so you can drive turbocharger with internal wastegate

- discharged at 1000 ° C

- planned

- slotted (so that the person can expand or work in the heat)

- sandblasted

Exhaust gas recirculation must be sealed.


Our cast iron frames are produced in a metal mold, made of high-quality cast iron, and then CNC machined, which is characterized by a high degree of accuracy of fit. In contrast to Rohrkrmer is this long-lasting. The flange to the cylinder head is slotted, so that the Kr mmer can expand and does not travel.

Suitable for:

- All VW R32 or V6 2.8L and 3.2L engines

- Turbocharger with T3 and T4 flange:

Garrett T3, Garrett T3 / T4, Garrett GT3076R, Garrett GT3582R

Garrett GTX3071R, Garrett GTX3076R, Garrett GTX3576R, Garrett GTX3582R, Garrett GT3776, Garrett GT3782

T3, T3 / T60, T3 / T4, T3 / T70, GT3076 HF, GTR-485, GTR-510, GTR-525, GTR-525 HF, GTR-550, GTR-550 HF, GTR-600, GTR-650 , GTR-650 HF

Garrett GT3788R, Garrett GT4088, Garrett GT4088R, Garrett GT4094R, Garrett GT4294, Garrett GT4294R, Garrett GT4202, Garrett GT4202R, Garrett GT4508R

Garrett GTX4088R, Garrett GTX4294R, Garrett GTX4202R, Garrett GTX4508R

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