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2 discs Clutch kit for Audi S4 & RS4 B5

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  • PTB-CK164-01
2 discs clutch kit for Audi S4 & RS4 B5 Features flywheel: Weight 8kg with washer... more
Product information "2 discs Clutch kit for Audi S4 & RS4 B5"

2 discs clutch kit for Audi S4 & RS4 B5

Features flywheel:

  • Weight 8kg with washer
  • New starter wreath
  • fine balanced
  • "plug and play" exchange
  • alloyed steel

Features Coupling Kit:

  • Max. transmittable engine torque: approx. 1100 Nm
  • No increased clutch pedal pressure point!
  • No pedal limit required
  • Torsion sprung disc with 9Pad sintered metal coating
  • Torsion sprung disc with organic coating
  • Includes screws kit in 12.9 for crankshaft and clutch
  • Centering pin for easy installation
  • fine balanced
  • Complete Made in Germany!
  • Dates:

2-disc clutch kit with 1x organic sprung disc and 1x sprung 9Pad sintered disc.
This set comes with the Sachs Performance print engine and thus creates a minimally increased pressure point on the clutch pedal.

What is detrimental to this set or where is the catch?
The conversion to the one-mass flywheel can lead to gear noise.
(as with any EMS set)
When the release bearing is pressed, the free washer can be heard.
(this noise is barely audible and only occurs sporadically)

We tested the kit in our Bora 2.8V6 turbo with 436Ps and 520Nm.
Starting behavior, practicality and price-performance is currently unique in the market.

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How did the 2-disc kit come about?
Our goal was to transfer a lot of power without a reinforced or performance pressure plate. As a result, the vehicle retains its suitability for everyday use and the initial costs remain low.
The result of many tests speaks for itself, because of the combination of the original pressure plate, an organic friction disc and a sprung 9Pad sintered metal disc we have developed the perfect combination.
The pressure point and the starting behavior almost correspond to the standard condition.
Since both the sintered metal disc and the organic friction disc are torsionally damped, the gears can be inserted cleanly even during fast load changes when driving. This not only protects the friction discs but also the engine and the transmission.
Through our test phase, we were also able to optimize and simplify assembly. By a centering mandrel which is included in each set, both discs are brought into the correct position and the gearbox assembly is no problem.

How it works 2-disc kit:
The maximum transmittable torque of a clutch depends on the contact pressure of the pressure plate and friction coefficient of the clutch disc.
This has the consequence that the maximum transmissible torque can only be increased by 2 factors.
Factor 1 Increasing the contact pressure due to a modified / reinforced pressure plate eg Sachs Performance, which, however, has the following disadvantages.
Of course, the increased contact pressure also creates an increased pedal pressure which is necessary to separate the clutch. This in turn leads to an increased load on the thrust bearings of the crankshaft. This results in increased wear and a poor start-up behavior.
Factor 2 Changing or increasing the friction surface.
Through a sintered metal disc, the maximum transmittable torque can be raised slightly, but this brings me again a deteriorated start-up behavior.
With our Specially Engineered Kit, we double the friction surface and combine an original organic friction disc with a 9Pad sintered metal disc. This unique combination offers many advantages, such as:
100% suitable for everyday use
Starting behavior similar to serial clutch
Thermal relief of the clutch discs due to larger area
Reduced wear
Favorable purchase price

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