AIRTEC Charger Kit Audi S3 1.8T 8L Quattro, ATINTVAG10

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AIRTEC Motorsport offers low-cost yet high-quality solutions for lowering the charge air... more
Product information "AIRTEC Charger Kit Audi S3 1.8T 8L Quattro, ATINTVAG10"

AIRTEC Motorsport offers low-cost yet high-quality solutions for lowering the charge air temperature.
The powerful intercoolers have good cooling properties and less backpressure than standard parts.
The British development team brings its passion for design and performance into every single AIRTEC product.


Unbeatable value for money
Clear recommendation for upgraded vehicles
Significant lowering of the charge air temperature
Proven performance on the road and the track
Available in black or silver
3-year manufacturer's warranty
Easy installation in a short time
All necessary parts for the conversion are included in the kit

Not admitted in the area of STVO.

Please tell us when ordering whether the intercooler in silver or black and with or without AIRTEC logo should be ordered for you.

Note: Slight adjustments to the crash bar and fog lights.


A great upgrade for your modified S3, Perfect for Fast Road and Track use, As fitted to AIRTEC demo car.

The Airtec S3 1.8 Turbo Intercooler kit is reasonably priced but high quality alternative kits are more than capable of doing the same if not better than intercooler kits finished to an extremely high standard and we have a real eye for attention for detail.

AIRTEC Front Mount Intercooler kit Includes these parts & features

1 x Huge 60mm core intercooler with flow cast cast tanks, this means less welding and a stronger intercooler
High quality 4 / 5ply silicone hoses with no joins (Red, Black and Blue) which means better flow inside the pipe work, finished stainless Jubilee clips
Stainless horn and ambient temperature support brackets with Airtec logo s
Retains original crash bar requires minor cutting, detail in instructions
Retains original fog lights
No cutting to bumper
Fitting Instructions and all required fixings
Requires minor cutting around fog lights, fog light grilles remain un-cut and detailed in instructions
Un-beatable value for money
Proven Power Increase s for Fast Road & Track
Available in Satin Black or Natural Silver
Airtec 3 year unlimited mileage warranty
Fitting will take 2-3 hours depending on mechanical skill
Fits all 1.8T S3 (8L chassis)
Amd Rolling Road tested results Stage 1 remap Higher stages of tune will see even bigger gains

Standard Temps Into Intercooler 128 degrees & Out of Intercooler 49 degrees, 12 bhp gain in midrange and standard Intercooler kept losing power
AIRTEC Intercooler Temps Into Intercooler 126 degrees & Out of Intercooler 23 degrees.
Please note, the Airtec S3 intercooler kit, which means you will get the same great results!

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