AIRTEC Charger Kit Seat Leon MK1 1.9TDI 150HP, ATINTVAG9

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AIRTEC Motorsport offers low-cost yet high-quality solutions for lowering the charge air... more
Product information "AIRTEC Charger Kit Seat Leon MK1 1.9TDI 150HP, ATINTVAG9"

AIRTEC Motorsport offers low-cost yet high-quality solutions for lowering the charge air temperature.
The powerful intercoolers have good cooling properties and less backpressure than standard parts.
The British development team brings its passion for design and performance into every single AIRTEC product.

Not admitted in the area of STVO.

Please tell us when ordering whether the intercooler in silver or black and with or without AIRTEC logo should be ordered for you.


Leonard Mk1 150PD uses our very popular Cupra R Intercooler which is capable of 400bhp, the kit comes complete with full alloy boost pipe kit, custom made silicone hoses and coolant Air-con radiator in place the standard intercooler secure in place as standard

Seat Leon 150 Diesel Fitting time 3-4 hours

Good Mechanical knowledge and a good tool kit!

VAG have used a front mount intercooler design as standard, this intercooler is adequate for cooling non-modified vehicles, but as our tests have proven, once even a basic remapping of the ecu (stg1 remap) has been carried out, the intake temperatures had risen to very high levels, which in turn leads to power loss. By fitting a Bigger more efficient Airtec Intercooler the Intake temperatures are kept constantly cool, keeping your engine safe and your power to the maximum!

The Airtec Intercooler makes the Charged Air (Intake Temps) cooler so you gain horse power, its really that simple!

Results taken @ Amd Essex Running standard map and then remapped with Amd Stage1

TEST RESULTS: Hot side -Into Intercooler from Turbo & Cold side Out of Intercooler into engine

Airtec Intercooler standard remap
Run1 Hot side 135 degrees C & Cold side26 degrees C
Run2 Hot side 128 degrees C & Cold side23 degrees C
Run3 Hot side 130 degrees C & Cold side25 degrees C
AIRTEC Intercooler Amd re-map
Run1 Hot side 162 degrees C & Cold side 28 degrees C
Run2 Hot side 156 degrees C & Cold side 26 degrees C
Run3 Hot side 158 degrees C & Cold side 26 degrees C
The Airtec Intercooler has been found to be a better partner in the production of BHP gaskets. and you could be losing in excess of 30 bhp! Just by keeping you standard Intercooler fitted

Lower Intake temperatures & Gain BHP!
Reduced Boost Pressure Drop
Full aluminum design
60mm bar & plate performance Intercooler core
Larger than standard diameter silicone boost hoses, in a choice of colors
1x cnc machined boost pipe joiner
Molded end tanks instead of Restrictive
Full comprehensive step by step fitting instructions
No extra Pipe work or additional parts required and more Importantly no cutting to bumper or fog light removal!
Pressure tested to over 5 bar
No extra turbo lag will be experienced, due to our flowing end tank design

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