HPA 2.0 TFSI Ansaugbrücke Saugrohr TFSI/TSI EA113 EA888

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  • TP-HPA10275TSI-TFSI (EA113)
We are pleased to be able to introduce a newly developed intake bridge with swirl flap... more
Product information "HPA 2.0 TFSI Ansaugbrücke Saugrohr TFSI/TSI EA113 EA888"

We are pleased to be able to introduce a newly developed intake bridge with swirl flap function in cooperation with HPA.

Especially with performance-enhanced vehicles, accessory intake manifolds are very popular because the original Kunstoffsaugrohr can cause problems from certain benefits and pressures. The disadvantage, however, is that the original swirl flaps must be removed from other products available on the market, this includes a so-called "kill kit" and software adaptation. The resulting problem is a very bad cold start and unquiet idle. To counteract this, the HPA draft tube with swirl flap function was designed.


  • No kill kit needed
  • No software customization required
  • No bad cold start behavior anymore
  • No restless idling anymore
  • Fits Plug N Play on EA113 (also takeover of servomotor and Flappers)
  • 22% more flow ( Flow Bench tested)
  • More power and torque
  • Optimized design and enlarged funnels
  • Mounting material included


  • 40% more volume than the OEM intake manifold
  • 22% more flow than the FSI intake manifold
  • 12% more flow than the TSI suction tube
  • Even distribution on all 4 funnels
  • Integrated water-methanol connection for 1 nozzle systems
  • Built in connection for accessories such as boost gauge
  • High quality matt black powder coating

Limited edition of 25 pieces in stock !!

The flapper version is initially not suitable for TSI models (we are working on a version for the TSI engines), this must be used if necessary, the version without swirl flaps, which is also available soon in the shop.

( In the future, an appraisal for the bridge is also planned, if this is to be passed, this will be handed over to all previous buyers)




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