VAG Diagnostic System Ross-Tech HEX-NET All-In-One VCDS, 11026-U

VAG Diagnostic System Ross-Tech HEX-NET All-In-One VCDS, 11026-U
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  • TP-ROSS-11026-U
Ross-Tech HEX-NET - the wireless diagnostic system for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Bentley!... more
Product information "VAG Diagnostic System Ross-Tech HEX-NET All-In-One VCDS, 11026-U"

Ross-Tech HEX-NET - the wireless diagnostic system for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Bentley!

The Ross-Tech HEX-NET is the wireless diagnostic system for all vehicles of the VAG Group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley) from 1992 up to the current model series, as well as other small series and commercial vehicles that are based on VW Technology.

The advancement of the worldwide popular Ross-Tech HEX + CAN interface hardware can be used as usual with the Windows-based Ross-Tech VCDS software . It supports both classic USB connectivity and WLAN functionality, offering a new dimension of range and convenience. Due to the license dongle function of the HEX-NET interface hardware, the system is also multi-user capable.

For mobile use, the Ross-Tech VCDS Mobile offers a browser-based VCDS variant. This allows the use of all smartphones and tablets that have a Wi-Fi connection and an Internet browser. It does not matter which operating system is running on your mobile device. Both Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other operating systems are supported by VCDS Mobile. VCDS Mobile is currently available as a pre-release English language version with limited functionality. A german translation follows free of charge in the course of the updates.

Professional version
This version is particularly suitable for workshops and professional users, since you   To diagnose an unlimited number of vehicles from the VAG Group.

Advantages over older VCDS diagnostic systems:

  • Wireless connection to PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Support of new vehicle generations from model year 2016 (eg Audi MLB2)
  • Up to 3x faster communication on the vehicle (eg Auto-Scan) compared to HEX + CAN
  • Monitoring the vehicle voltage (terminals 15 and 30)
  • Automatic switch-off, therefore permanent connection in the vehicle possible (sleep function)
  • Daily data through cloud functionality
  • Improved materials earlier stability


Technical specifications:

  • 16-pin ISO 9141-2 OBD2 plug made of fiber-reinforced ABS plastic with a very good fit
  • Gilded contacts provide the highest level of stability and contact reliability
  • 2 CAN diagnostic lines (KWP 600 and KWP 700)
  • 2 K cables (KWP 1281 and KWP 2000)
  • 3 LEDs with status function for W-LAN, communication and short-circuit detection
  • Automatic baud rate detection
  • License dongle function for VAG-COM diagnostic software (VCDS)
  • Terminal 15 monitoring

Currently no support for the VW Crafter.


  • Ross Tech HEX NET
  • Connection cable USB-A to USB-B (length 1.8 m)
  • OBD2 extension with 90 angle connectors
  • Test loop for the MOST data bus
  • Practical carrying loop
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Daily VCDS diagnostic software for Windows on USB stick
  • Stable storage case

Important notice: This is an automatic translation. Please note that only the original german description is valid for a legally purchase agreement.
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