HFI Carbon Air Intake Kit Gen.2 VAG 2.0 T(F)SI (E5) EA113, Alu pipe

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Fahrzeugspezifisches Montagematerial::

  • TP-HGHFISV01-E5-001
0 0 1 193 1221 TurboPerformance 10 2 1412 14.0... more
Product information "HFI Carbon Air Intake Kit Gen.2 VAG 2.0 T(F)SI (E5) EA113, Alu pipe"


Generation 2 Carbon Air Intake Kit with Pipercross Sport Air Filter for the 2.0 TFSI engine.

This Air-Intake Kit replaces the complete standard engine cover including the standard air filter and the plastic intake funnel.

Already during the disassembly you will see that the plastic intake funnel is restrictive on the part of the vehicle manufacturer, ie that the max. Motor power is greatly limited by this air mass limiter.

The Air-Intake System offered here is made of carbon fiber and has a filter element in the airbox, a specially designed for this system Pipercross sports air filter.

The connection to the turbocharger is made by a precisely fitting aluminum tube, which creates a pleasant intake noise.


      Carbon airbox with vibration damper to intake manifold

      Pipercross sports air filter

      Aluminum intake manifold with diverter valve connection

      Silicone hose for connection to the turbocharger

      Mounting material (clamps, adapters, ...)



A TV-Teilegutachten for entry after 19.3 is included.

passend für folgende 2.0 TFSI mit Euro 5:

Audi A3/S3        8P     e1*2001/116*0217*..    CDLC / CDLA
Seat Leon           1P     e9*2001/116*0052*..    CDLD / CDLA
VW Golf 6         1K      e1*2001/116*0242*..   CDLA / CDLG / CDLF
VW Scirocco      13      e1*2001/116*0471*..   CDLC / CDLA


Bei dem Seat Leon 1P empfiehlt HG-Motorsport die Umrüstung auf Haubenlifter, da die werkseitige "Haubenstange" demontiert wird.

Nicht geeignet für Fahrzeuge mit einem Ölkühler auf dem Getriebe.



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